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Book review: "Finding The Light In Dementia - A Guide For Families, Friends and Caregivers," by Jane M. Mullins

As much as I have some experience on dementia, I always feel there's something new to learn. I came across this book, by accident. "Finding The Light In Dementia - A Guide For Families, Friends and Caregivers," by Jane Mullins, is a book I recommend. This self-help book explains common changes that can occur in dementia, offering valuable approaches, tips and stories.  Also tips on how to care for yourself, as the caregiver. This book has received excellent reviews. Many saying they wish they had this book from the start of their caregiving journey. I totally agree with the reviewers and found this book extremely helpful, even though my situation is different, because my mum is already in a care home, rather than leading up to possibly a care home, as this book is written. The book is in small chapters, with each chapter ending in a summary of what you read in that chapter. The short chapters are ideal for that busy and tired carer, as well as for those who can only take
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My experience of having the Covid vaccination - Second dose

If you missed the first post, when I received my first vaccination (AstraZeneca), then you will find that here . So procedures are the same as the first dose; checking in, seeing nurse etc.. , so for details on that, just see the first post.  Only slight difference with exception, some questions given to me just before moving on for my second vaccination, that a question reflected on how I was after my first vaccination, which I answered.  Leaflets they gave at the end, when I had my vaccine were same as before, but updated and an additional leaflet given on blood clotting.  The other difference I observed also, the outside of the building before entering, how they had things set up, meant I did not know where I was going, so it made it very difficult and stressful, even though I am wearing ID to show I am deaf and a lipreader.  I needed to check I was using right entrance, because there seemed to be a choice of two paths outside, those for appointments and other for walk-ins for young

Reminder regarding the email subscription service coming to an end soon

 As I first announced in this blog post, "Important announcement to those who follow this blog by email," the email subscription will be ending, due to Blogger getting rid of this feature while transferring the rest of Feedburner to a more stable and modern infrastructure. Read more in that above post link, if you did not  before, or need a reminder. Especially if you follow this blog by email, because it will affect you, unfortunately.  I mentioned in a further post from the above, here, that I was looking into a free email service. I was advised not to go with that one and I wasn't personally having any luck with anything else.  But I was recommended one and so tried that, but that site never did anything.  I have not done anything else and I don't plan to now. So I have not downloaded my email subscriber list and don't intend to. So this list will disappear when Blogger get rid of this feature.  So if you are currently still following via email and want to co

Chit-chat July

So here is chit-chat post July, which to be honest, writing this months chit-chat post wasn't planned originally. I never thought about it, with doing a catch up post.  Mum It was nice to see mum's large photo frame put in a better position, than where it was before. Where it was before, I could hardly see it and mum definitely couldn't see it. It was put behind a large tv. Now its on the wall opposite my mum's bed. I have observed her looking at it and at one point, mum had a smile, while doing so.  There was entertainment outside, on an ocassion I visited mum. A female singer, who goes around care homes. Mum couldn't see her from her bed, so I took a couple of photos, so I could show what the singer was wearing. I opened mum's window, so we could hear the music better.  As most of you know, mum has gave up on a lot of things, over the years. Music being one of them, so it gave me an opportunity to test the waters here, so to speak. After a while, I asked mum i

Posts to come on Liz's Onward Journey

Here are some posts to come: My experience of having the Covid vaccination - Second dose  I shared with you my first dose here, in this post . My experience of the second dose will air on 24th July.  Book review: "Finding The Light In Dementia - A Guide For Families, Friends and Caregivers" by Jane M. Mullins This post will air on 4th August.  Chit-chat July This post will air sometime before the end of July.  (TW) Dying and after death: Does your family know your wishes?  Although this topic will be marked with a trigger warning (TW), its a topic we should all be discussing at some point with our lived ones. A topic close to my heart and currently in writing, based on my own experiences.  I would like to add, so there is no misinterpretation of this post, that my mum is fine as she can be, as this post airs.  I hope to air this post in August.  Some helpful resources for carers   This post is currently in writing. It will be a short post, but I don't know when it will be


As I mentioned in 'Chit-chat Catch Up,' I came up with a new hastag for Boris Johnson, back in May, on Twitter: #LessonsForBorisJohnson.  This hastag came about after I was sick of hearing he can't afford as a PM, or won't pay some things. Oh come on, that's taking the piss if everyone up and down the UK, who have to live on what they get. If he thinks he can't live on what he gets, how does he expect everyone else in the UK to do the same? If I am not already livid with Boris Johnson and his Government cronies over the treatment of those that live in care homes and how more inaccessible as a deaf person my life has been, over this past year, I can't get more livid, as I have already hit my peak with this incompetent man. Lets not forget some other things that the Government failed to support. Another example being, #ExcludedUK.  So I created #LessonsForBorisJohnson hastag and started tweeting my budget tips, or other things I do in the home, to save money.

Chit-chat Catch Up

So this is my first post since my blogging break.  I'd first like to take the time to thank you for reading my blog while I have been on my break. So thank you.  Home With the bin area sorted, as I mentioned in my last chit-chat post, before taking a blogging break and the neighbours oposite, being moved since, I have have decided to stay, for now. Even though I am still tempted to move.  I am seeing if living here will be more bearable, until either I buy my own property, or if a council property turns up. But with either looking slim, I may just bite the bullet and definitely move to another private property.  Fingers crossed next tenants will be ok in flat oposite me, who are related to the landlord. But I won't hold my breath, with what the landlord is like, who owns it.  I was tempted with a two bed apartment opposite my evening job, in June.  Those flats always look smart on the outside and inside looks nice too. It costs more rent. Rent that I have not been willing to pa