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The garden

This Hosta is filling this pot more since I first took a photo for this post , when at the time I didn't know what it was. The green plastic pot in front contains  Salad Leaf Rocket, Astra. You will need to zoom in on this photo if looking at this blog post from a small hand device, as I had to zoom in on my phone to see. These poppies are doing well too. While taking these two photos, I could smell my Cherry Blossom tree. (Not pictured.) My Clematis and what I think will be Sweet Pea continue to grow in their pots near the house.  This other plant pictured below in a pot near the house, I don't know what it is. But it's growing well.  © "Liz's Onward Journey," by Elizabeth Fisher  Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to "Liz's Onward Journey," with appropr
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April 2022 self-reflection

So, as you know with my " March 2022 self-reflection - Finding Peace and Moving On " post, I am back into reading books by Thich Nhat Hanh, as well as watching YouTube videos by him, or others from Plum Village . This, I continue with, as well as the book "Flowers In The Dark," by Sister Dang Nghiem, MD, which I also mentioned in that post. From the teachings, I plan on in the coming months to focus on certain areas of me, as you know, from mentioning it in the above self-reflection post. So how am I getting on? Mindful walking I have done more mindful walking outside, than inside. My concentration span is about 10 minutes, before my mind wanders. I bring attention to my breathing, so I can focus again, before, sometime after, my mind wanders again. But I focus again on my breathing, to bring myself into the present moment. So more practice on this. My inner child My inner child would like to: Play with a remote control car. (I have never got to do this, as a child.

A post update regarding those having an issue commenting via their Google account

 This post is to give you an update, that I have updated this following post: For those having an issue commenting via their Google account. It was easier to update there, than give another long winded post with similar text. So the above post has been updated accordingly, after finding out a few things via my own doings because Google searching it has not helped me at all. So for those especially that still have issues and have commented, then please read that post again. Then you will see what I have found out since today, after trying things out. 

For those having an issue commenting via their Google account

 Hi. Just a short post for those who are experiencing problems commenting via their Google account, on my blog. I know a couple of people who have had issues for 2 or nearly 3 months where they couldn't leave a comment using their Google account and so either have not commented, or have used an alternative choice from the drop down menu. I have checked my blog settings only yesterday, to make sure all options were available and no changes had been made from how I left it, like I found once before and everything is ok there. After learning of another blogger who could not comment via her Google account, I thought I would visit my blog via a Google account not associated with my blog and see what I found.  I found I could comment from another Google account not associated with my blog, that I regularly use. So I have had no issues that others were experiencing with that Google account.  But when I tried another Google account of mine , a newer one out of the lot and rarely used, that

The A to Z of Me

I thought I would have a go with the A to Z of me, after seeing it over at Undercover Superhero. You can read Ami's A to Z post here . I will use the same rules as Ami, picking  up to five words beginning with that letter. Awareness, apples and asthma. I like apples , but even more if it's an apple pie or crumble. I was a bugger at school when it came to cookery lessons, trying to find any way to just keep making a fruit pie, or crumble of some kind. But the teacher caught on. I have raised awareness about my own deafness, whether verbally, or in the past writing it, when I used to have a deaf blog for years, before ending it.  Highlighting that the next deaf person need's could be different to mine. After the accessibility issues I had the last 2 years, meant I raised about my experiences of what was happening via this blog a little and the awareness again.  I have asthma and I have had this since my 20's. It's mostly been under control unless I get a chest infec

My mystery flower (And another plant I don't know of, that you maybe able to help me with.

In " Chit-chat late April " post, I mentioned of my mystery flower. (Pictured below, from that post.) I have taken a few more photos to try and get a better photo. Two from the above same flower and another one that's now appeared. So it's not alone. I have been given a couple of suggestions of what this flower could be; a pansy or a poppy. Thank you again, to those who gave those suggestions. I looked these up and from looking online, it looks like I have orange poppies in my garden. I never thought about poppies in other colours, as I only know the red ones. Its first time seeing any other colour before. And there are more than one variety of orange poppy that look quite alike, like the one I have taken apparently. It ends up probably working out by the leaf.  The link below is from a community page on RSPB and this person was wonering if they had a poppy too in the garden. That photo on there is much better than my photo. But my poppy is exactly the same. https://c

Chit-chat late April

I mentioned Blovlovin in my "Chit-chat early April" post. Not long after that post, I went to my Bloglovin account to stop any email updates I subscribe from them, because there is no point being subscribed while there is nothing available to read when you click onto them.  I also removed the Bloglovin link from the "Ways you can follow me" page, with it not working. I also tried to close my account. But I wasn't able to do that. I am still not clear what's going on, with them never mentioning anything, or replying back to me via Twitter, when I queried there, so just see what happens. I only know what Ashley told me. Thank you, Ashley.  I don't have any plans to be looking regularly, to see if there are any changes and whether it is available again. It will be a few months before I check again and if things become available again, I will put the link back.  Donations to charity Two carrier bags of donations went to charity this month. That was an extra