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RIP Ashley

After reading the latest blog post from "Mental Health @Home" this morning, (blog link at the end of this post), I am so devastated to read that the latest post was to inform us of Ashley's passing.  I have lost a dear friend from my online world who I class as a friend on the same level had I met her in real life. I am so devastated to read of Ashley's passing. This will leave a big hole in the blogging community, as Ashley comments on many blogs giving support, and will be missed by many.  RIP Ashley. You will be missed by many. Xxx My deepest condolences to Ashley's family and friends. Xxx This post below from "Mental Health @ Home" is still currently open as this post goes to air. So please leave your messages left.
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November to December blogging break

I am taking these next two months off, November and December, from blogging, so there will be no new posts during that time. During that time though, I may at times, still read other people's blogs and comment. But not as often as I usually would. My complete quiet time will be from 14th November to 20th November, as I will be completely taking a social media break and not being available via my email's blog.  This will also include my personal life and personal email as I completely take myself offline that week. I am only making myself available for emergencies via text during that week. Things can wait during this time, until when I am available after that week. I shall close this post to comments at the end of October.  While I am away from my blog , I will continue to read my book, "Unwrapping Your Passion," by Karen Putz. So it will be next year before doing a blog post on that at some point, depending on how much I  am able to read with my right eye being as i

More about me - Tiredness or Fatigue

I am an introvert and have been from a young age.  I was shy and quiet as a child, but I wonder how much of that may have been me as an introvert. As an introvert, I require time for myself, to recharge. I have depression and anxiety and although they are not as bad as they once were, either can change.  I am deaf and as I rely on lipreading,  it takes a huge amount of concentration on my part to follow what someone says. It is tiring and so I need quiet time to myself for recharge. I am a Highly Sensitive Person . (HSP for short.) I only learnt of this some years ago while writing at my previous blog at, "My Wellbeing and Learning Journey." I had never heard of HSP before and so when I  read the link that was shared to me by a reader and more elsewhere, I could see I was a HSP. This reader said, that after reading quite a few posts of mine, she said I might be a HSP going by what she read and why that was so. She found not so long ago that she was also an HSP and by lea

Chit-chat October

To bring in some autumn I bought a pre-lit maple garland and a pumpkin tealight holder from Wilkos.  The pre-lit maple garland is around the edge of my coffee table and the pumpkin ornament in front of my artificial flowers I have in a vase all year round, as pictured above. I still have my usual led lights on my wall that I have all year round and I have left my crocheted sunflower garland up because the colour just feels like autumn. Dvd's watched or to watch I have finished watch 'The Mentalist,' so I have seen all the complete seasons. I have been watching some other different films, as well as re-watching some again. I then have 'Nurse Jackie' (all the dvd's with the exception of one season I still need to get my hands on) and 'Smallville' from season 8 to 10 to keep me busy in the coming months.  Smallville is what I plan to watch next, after The Mentalist.  I was going to sell The Mentalist originally, once I watched it all. But instead, I plan


(This post comes with a trigger warning, as it mentions cruelty to a pet.) Escaping the world and letting your imagination take over can happen in many ways: Meditation  Reading books Watching films Using your mind Being some place outdoors  Having been through different kinds of trauma from a young age, into adulthood, escaping from reality into my own world when I am alone can be so easy to do . So I'm looking forward to when this film, 'Blaze,' is available on dvd, because of how this film is done.  When young,  I would take myself into my own world now and again, as you do as a child in play.  But when things got really difficult and traumatic, then things changed greatly for me. I would take myself there often. This was my safe place.  I started taking myself away from reality  from the age of 11 years old after witnessing the cruel events of dad hitting my dog with a shovel on two occasions. I screamed and cried on both these occasions, telling him to stop, and both t

September 2022 self-reflection

Kindness  I mentioned in "August 2022 self-reflection" that I had been less kind to myself. So this past month I have been trying to be more kind to me, which I have been doing ok with. But I feel more practice is needed on this as I can so easily not do it and not something I am comfortable doing for myself.  Fatigue I have had to allow myself to unexpectedly take naps, or a couple of hours' sleep at times, this month. I didn't want to, but I couldn't keep my eyes open and they were getting more irritated as time went on. Sometimes the extra sleep didn't do anything for me, so I was craving bed by the evening after work.  Because of the unexpected sleep and my frustration of having to allow myself to have it rather than continue with what I wanted to do, was one example this month where I had to practice kindness with myself. Other practices have dropped off Like last month, some practices seemed to have remained dropped off.  I have not been walking in natur

Home comforts

There are just certain comforts that are needed even more when autumn is here and with winter being around the corner. Although I use some of these comforts at other times of the year, they are really nice in autumn and winter too. Hot chocolate  Cheese (dairy-free) on toast Jacket potatoe with dairy-free cheese and baked beans Fleecy blanket Candles Curtains/blinds closed Fairy lights What are your home comforts? © "Liz's Onward Journey," by Elizabeth Fisher  Unauthorised use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to "Liz's Onward Journey," with appropriate and specific direction to the content.