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Physical touch and support

I have received lots of support near and far, which I really appreciate, so please don't get me wrong with this post. But what has been most important for me since around November 2019 has been physical support and touch . Even for me as an introvert, as I have found surprisingly. I have received that physical support and touch from my support bubble, Annette and John who live downstairs in my block, ever since I took courage to open up at that point (November 2019) and reveal how I had been suicidal since August 2019, when I opened up to them. So they have been my support bubble, before Covid-19. As much as I have received kind words of support from other friends, for me to repeat back the same words over and over in various formats, of how I've been, or what is happening, has been draining. More draining this past year because of me writing here and there related to mum and C.O.P. (Court of Protection.)  I have literally ached with all the typing and its been mentally tiring
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Comments update to an earlier post

 This is a post update to my earlier post called, 'Comments may take slightly longer to show from both you and me.' As I mentioned when chatting with you via the comments section of that post, I may have already sorted the problem, before even looking if I could do anything in particular behind the scenes to my blog. And it turned out I had! It was a rather simple action that I did. Not to fix, because I did not even consider this. But it  fixed it all the same, which is a good job, because behind the scenes that I wanted to check on and see if I could do, turned out I couldn't. So what was the simple fix that seems to have made it easier for me to comment again, from my phone? When I logged out of both my Gmail accounts, as I wanted to reply back to your comments meant I had to sign into my Gmail account for my this Blogger blog.  Once I had done chatting there and leaving my replies, while logged in still, I logged into my personal Gmail account. Obviously at this point,

Finding inspiration for the start of the New Year

As I mentioned in my first post of the New Year, I am not feeling hopeful for the year ahead. But I have found some inspiration to keep moving forward from a post via another blogger. This post you can find here at . The post is a first post of collaboration posts to come between this blogger and . Details are in the above link. So if you are struggling too, then I hope you find this post helpful and inspiring too. 

Although I know, it doesn't make it any easier.

I have known since mum took that overdose, with what went on prior for months and then after, that mum wasn't well and it was getting worse. But it didn't make it any easier. To hope that one day we would live together, but due to how bad my mum's mental health was getting and how bad my mental health was affected by it, I just knew it wasn't going to happen anymore. But it still didn't make it any easier. To hope mum would one day live in supported living, but she wouldn't accept and so with not looking after her mental health by taking her meds and looking after herself in other ways meant the care home was the only option. It still didn't make it any easier. To hear how mum was via a couple of others, after I announced mum would be going in a care home, didn't make it any easier.  Some I was aware of and some not. But it still didn't make it any easier.  To keep hoping that mum would one day improve and not need 24 hour care, but through seeing he

Comments may take slightly longer to show from both you and me

As you know, I moderate comments on my blog, so I have to manually approve them. Today , I had to delete my Opera browser, my second browser choice, because I found I could not access Twitter, or Blogger with it. It made it look like internet, or web page issues, yet, I could view other pages with Opera browser. Just not these two, which I found I could view on Chrome, even though on Opera I couldn't.  So why, in just under 24 hours from last using, I could not see anything, I do not know. I have not done any updates, or changes with the browser.  So I am back to Chrome for blogging purposes, which I use for everything else too. (Personal, as well as blogging.)  Chrome has always been my preferred browser, but I had to start using another browser, for reasons mentioned above and as mentioned in an earlier post.  So because of this, comments may take longer to show here and especially when it comes to me replying back to them, because of the difficulties of having two Gmail accounts


Recharge is having quiet time, just for me, whether it's doing something nice for me, or nothing at all. It doesn't matter if you do nothing for a day, if that's what you need.  Mostly it will involve me being on my own, when needing to recharge.  To be me.  To sometimes not have to think.  To switch off.  Once I am inside my apartment, I want to forget what is just outside my door and beyond.  Baking as you know, I have continued to do since I started baking more than normal.  Dvd's are my saviour and what I watch varies from music, action, comedy and sometimes cartoons.  Since starting to build my music collection, I play more of these instead of cd's.  Reading books has cropped up more since last year. Reading mostly fiction, but some helpful type guide books too.  Colouring can be anything from 10 minutes, to a few hours. If I am doing something that doesn't require my ears, then I am known to take my hearing aids out for a bit. So if I do that, I make s

My one-off BuddyBox

Back in December, I had a one-off BuddyBox, from Blurt. I have never had one before, but I thought it was time I had one. The above two photos are the front and back of my BuddyBox.  The outer cover slipped off to reveal a plain brown lidded box. When I lifted the lid off, I was greeted with green tissue paper, to unwrap to reveal my contents.  This was what was inside my BuddyBox Zine magazine Intro of BuddyBox received Message from the Blurt team, on the back of the 'You're tree-mendous' card 54 cards for press pause moments Foot moisture pack De-stress muscle gel My December Self-Care Plan 3D paper puzzle - monkey A perfect time The contents of this box was a lovely surprise for me and the muscle gel couldn't come at a perfect time. The muscle gel, when you first put it on, starts off cool, then it starts to warm. You only need a small amount, which I found was enough for me. It didn't burn and it was a pleasant smell, that wasn't overp